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Synergy Fitness – CrossFit


Foam Roll

Quads & I.T. Bands – 90 sec each leg


Saddle or Couch Stretch – 3 mins total

Warm Up & Activation

3 Rounds

30 secs Row – increase pace each round

6 Push Ups

8 Air Squats

12 Band Pull Aparts


A1: Back Rack Lunge (4 x 10; 5R/5L)

You can take these from the rack, just like you would a back squat and do in place. Step forward into the lunge then drive back into the starting position.

Alternate legs for 10 total reps.

A2: L-Sit (4 x 20-30 sec)

Do these on parallettes, benches, boxes or rings


Metcon (Time)

With a partner complete:

50 Burpee Box Jumps (24″ /20″ / 12″)

100 Calories on the Rower

50 Chest To Bar pull ups (scale to jumping pullups)

100 Wall Ball Shots (20lbs / 14lbs / 10lbs)

*Partition Reps as needed

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