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Foam Roll




-Hip flexors

Warm Up & Activation

Coaches choice.


Complete each movement back to back… 1 set of step ups, then 1 set of bent over row, until you complete 5 sets of each.

Take 60-90 sec rest after the row before starting your next set of step ups.

A1: Weighted Step-ups (4 x 6 on each leg)

5 sets of 6 on each leg, Holding DBs in each hand.

Use the first set as a “warm up” set, then give me at least 3 sets with a challenging load.

A2: Dumbbell Bent Over Row (4 x 8 )

Use the same weight you use for the weigted step ups.

Metcon (Time)


Cal row

Burpee Box Jumps (P:24″ / A:20′ / H:16″)

Scaling Guide:

8-16 mins
Work to keep the intensity high but sustainable.

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