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We will be participating in The Murph Challenge, better know as MEMORIAL DAY MURPH on Monday May 29th at. Keep your eyes & ears open for more details about times/”heats”

You can find out who MURPH was, why we honor him and other fallen soldiers and what the workout is by clicking here;

Synergy Fitness – CrossFit


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Row for calories

DB Push Press (50/35/20)

Ball Slams (40/30/20)

*Score Total Reps
If you are unfamiliar with a Tabata Mash-up it goes like this….

It will be 20 seconds max Cals on the rower, 10 seconds rest.

20 seconds max reps DB Push Press, 10 seconds rest

20 seconds max reps ball slams, 10 seconds rest.

All of that in that exact sequence is considered 1 round.

Do 8 rounds.

(You DO NOT do all the row, then all the push-press, then all ball slams. It is done exactly as written)

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