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Power Clean (15 mins to build to a heavy single)

After a general warm up and technique work, you’ll have 15 mins to build to a heavy single power clean.

You can make jumps that are small.

There are no minimum or maximum requirements for sets or attempts.

Keep movement safe.

Focus on pulling yourself UNDER THE BAR, with fast elbows, into a partial squat.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

With 75% of the heaviest Power Clean from part 1 –

Get as far as possible…

1 PC

rest 2 mins

2 PC

rest 2 mins

3 PC

rest 2 mins

4 PC

rest 2 mins


How far can you get?

The goal is to see how many “unbroken” reps you can get w/75% of the heaviest clean from part 1.

UNBROKEN means that you never drop the bar and keep grip of it the whole time… you can rest with the bar on the shoulders or at the waist but not with the bar on the ground.

Focus should be on good movement… don’t allow the feet to land super wide – NO wider than your squat.

In the catch – reach your butt BACK and catch in a partial squat with the knees bent & chest up.

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