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Metcon (Time)

For TOTAL Time:

5 Rounds

10 Dumbbell Snatch (alternating)

20 Double Unders

After 5 Rounds

Rest 1 Min

4 Rounds

12 Dumbbell Snatch (alternating)

24 Double Unders

After 4 Rounds

Rest 1 Min

3 Rounds

16 Dumbbell Snatches

32 Double Unders

After 3 Rounds

Rest 1 Min

2 Rounds

20 Dumbbell Snatches

40 Double Unders

Recommended DB Weights:

(P: 40-50lb/ A: 25-35lb/H: 15-20lb)
For the DB snatches each rep starts on the ground and you must alternate hands for each rep. That can either be done on the way down or on the ground!

For the double unders – you may lower the number if you are just starting to get them but want to practice.  You will want to choose a number for each round that each set an be done with only 1-2 breaks at the most.

You may also sub double rep single unders or lateral dumbbell hop overs

The dumbbell hop overs are a better sub as far as getting a similar workout feel goes.

Score is total time including the rest periods!

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