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Warm Up & Activation

Do this after your mobility & general warm up

7 mins at a moderate pace (Shoot for 5 rounds)

10 ball slams (Warm up weight)

25 sec side plank each side

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds

20/15 Cal Row

30 Double Unders

40 Russian Twist (20R + 20L) 35/25/15lbs
Work on keeping a consistent pace of 80-85% over the 5 rounds

You can sub 15/10 cals on the Assault Bike if you don’t want to row.

If you’re scaling the DU’s, pick a number that won’t take you longer than 1:30. If you still don’t have DU’s do DB hop-overs.

For the Russian twists, you can use a KB, Plate, DB or Slam ball. With whatever you use, be sure to get a good rotation with your trunk.

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