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Warm Up & Activation

4 rounds not for time

6 KB weighted step ups each leg (choose your weight)

9 Russian twists each side* (same weight as step ups)

12 banded pull aparts

30 sec Plank to pillar press ups.

*I want a short 1-2 second pause each time you come back to center… twist Right, back to center & pause, then twist Left, back to center & pause. continue that for 9 reps each side.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 12 mins

5 strict pull ups

10 (Ring)Dips

30 Double Unders
If you have to scale the pull-ups go with a band or seated

for the Dips, you can put your feet on a bench or box or even do close grip push ups.

Choose a number of double under reps that takes you 30sec to 1 min, even when you are tired. If you need to scale down to even just 20 reps – that is fine.

If you need to scale further than that you may want to choose to do dumbbell hop overs for the workout and practice your dubs before or after.

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