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Strict Pull Ups (3 x max reps )

Use an overhand grip and scale it by using one of the following options…

jumping pull up with a 2-3 second decent (lowering phase)


seated pullups in the squat rack.


work to get at least 5-7 reps each set.

Metcon (Time)

8 rounds

9 Wall balls (20lb/14/10)

3 Clean & Jerks (155lb/105/75)
The Cleans do not have to be squat cleans. You can do a power clean then a push press or push jerk… if you have to do a split jerk that’s fine too.

This should be HEAVY-ish for you, but a weight you could do 3 in a row with when you aren’t fatigued.

You will most likely end up doing singles the whole time. BUT – this SHOULD be a heavy weight for you, but not something you will get sloppy with.

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