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Shoulder to Overhead (3, 3, 3, 3, 3)

You will take the bar from shoulder to overhead using either a Strict Press, Push Press or Jerk (Push or Split)
Pick one of the movements (strict press, push press or jerk) and take 5 sets to build up to a heavy 3 reps

Metcon (Time)

Run 600 Meters

20 Deadlifts (185lbs/125/85+)

20 Pull Ups

Run 400

15 Deadlifts

15 Pull Ups

Run 200

10 Deadlifts

10 Pull Ups

RX+ 225/155
For the deadlifts, choose weight that you won’t have to do more than 3 sets for the set of 20. So you are able to do roughly sets of 7 or more.

For the pull ups you can pick your pull up style. If you want to do strict pull ups – go for it… if you can keep big sets of 5 or more, keep it at 20, otherwise for strict scale the number down.

Other options are kipping, banded kipping, banded strict, ring rows or jumping pullups.

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