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Today is a strength and technique day. We’ve been doing a good amount of volume and intensity of the last few weeks so if you’re body is feeling a little worn down this is a good opportunity to back off the intensity and focus on good movement, mechanics and mobility.

Snatch Grip Deadlift (5 x 5)

The goal here is to work on keeping a good position for all 5 reps during each set.

I want the weight to be moderate (40-50% of your DL 1RM) so you can focus on speed and position and get you primed for the power snatches

Metcon (Weight)

Every 30 Seconds 1 Power Snatch

10 Reps at first weight

8 Reps at second weight

6 reps at third weight

4 reps at fourth weight

2 reps at final weight

Rest 1 Min between groups of reps (after 10, after 8, after 6, after 4)

Score is weight used for the final 2
The goal here is to add weight each “round” and finish with a heavy set of 2

You should start somewhat light so you can add weight each time – but don’t make the first 2 rounds TOO easy.

Keep same weight for all 10 reps (doing 1 rep every 30 seconds)

Rest 1 min

Then add weight and keep that weight for all 8 reps (again, doing 1 rep every 30 seconds)

Rest 1 min

Then add weight and do 6 reps

Continue to follow the time frame and pattern until you finish your final set of 2 reps

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