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Metcon (Time)

50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10

KB Swings (53lb/35/26)

Push Press *

Mountain Climbers

*Your choice of using a Barbell or DBs

BB weight: 75lb/55lb/35lb

DB weight: 40lb/25lb/15lb

Goal: Under 25mins
For the swings – you should use a weight that you will not have to break too much for strength reasons. You can always do at least sets of 10-15 when you pick it up.

I don’t expect you to get all of the push press unbroken. Pick your weight and stick to it.. even when you get tired and it get’s heavy. Sets of 10-15 are all good.

For the Mountain Climbers – you will start in the top of a push up position and bring the knee up to the armpit. Each time the knee comes up it counts as one rep so right knee + left knee = 2 reps. Keep the butt down!

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