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Paused Front Squat (5 x 3; 5 sets of 3 reps)

You will pause at the bottom for 3 seconds and then stand up.

Try not to add in an extra bounce as you go to stand up.

Score is heaviest set.

Rest 2-3 min between sets.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Death by Clean and Jerk

For as long as you can last:

Min 1: 1 Clean and Jerk

Min 2: 2 Clean and Jerks

Min 3: 3 Clean and Jerks…

Keep going up until you can’t make it in the minute!

RX: 95lb/65/45

RX Plus Men: 115-135#

RX Plus Women: 75-95#

RX Plus – pick what’s appropriate for you and will allow you to…
Your score is the LAST ROUND you successfully completed PLUS any extra reps you get in the following minute.

Goal: 9-10 min plus

So pick a weight that you are pretty sure you can make it to 10 min. That is a total of 55 clean and jerks….which doesn’t sound bad. BUT keep in mind that just min 8-9-10 are 27 of those clean and jerks.

No matter what weight you choose it will be easy for the first few rounds. It gets real spice once you hit like 6-7.

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