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Warm Up & Activation

4 rounds nft

4 TGU (2R + 2L)

8 Banded Lateral steps each way

12 1 arm KB RDLs

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for Total Time

(time includes rest between rounds)

15 Ring Rows

20 Push Ups

30 Russian Twists (15 R + 15 L) 25lbs/20/15

40 Cal Row

Rest 2 Min Between Rounds

Goal: 4-5 min or less per round

RX Plus: 5 Ronds
Score includes rest between rounds.

So if you all of your rounds are 4 min exactly – your score would be 16 mins (2 x 2 min rest = an additional 4 min)

For the ring rows to be RX you need to have your feet on a box or bench.

For the push ups – we want all 20 done in less than 90 sec! These get hard in the later rounds… scale these with your hands on a bench or box.

Get a good rotation with your entire upper body during the Russian Twists… avoid just moving the weight back and forth with your arms.

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