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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 20 mins

Every Minute on the Minute

Min 1: 8-12 Burpees

Min 2: 6-8 Power Cleans 115lb/75/55

Score is the total number of burpees & cleans
Pick a weight and a number of burpees that you ARE NOT sure you are going to be able to hold, but you THINK you should be able to. Then if you have to alter as you go – do that.

If you get 6 minutes in and aren’t concerned that you might not be able to finish—then add more.

Make sure not to get sloppy, even though this is a lot of reps and the weight isn’t super heavy.

These do not have to be unbroken. Break as needed to get the reps done in the minute.

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