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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

21 Min EMOM •

Min 1: Row 18 /12 Cals

Min 2: 10 DB Push ups + Renegade Row* (30/20/10)

Min 3: 15 KBS (53/35/26)

Rotating Every Minute for 7 Rounds

*1 Rep is a push up + a row with each arm
Score is number of rounds you complete with the prescribed reps!

The Cal row that you use for this workout should take 45-50 seconds.

If the first round takes you a full minute – you will be in trouble!

The number of push ups and weight you choose should be something that you can get in 30-40 seconds at the beginning because these will start to get difficult.

The KBS should be unbroken every round.

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