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Our in-house sign up sheet is growing! Nice work, crew! We are rocking three teams 7-8 deep. This is going to be a lot of fun. Remember, all participants must sign up for the Open. Do that here!


I’m aware that I’m catering to a significant minority here, but if any of you want to take 10 minutes to geek on old-school Russian training methods from the most respected name in their country, check out this piece from Pavel Tsatsouline, the man credited with bringing the kettle bell, or kettle ball, to popularity within the states.


Also, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the early interest in running a Spartan Super (7 miles) later this year. Currently Asheville (August), Atalanta (October) and Mobile, Alabama (October) are the front runners. Star putting it on your radar!



EMOM 15 minutes
1 Power Clean
1 HPC + Hang Clean
* build over the 15 minutes, add weight every other round
** start at 70% of estimated 1rm PC
3 rounds for time
21 Overhead WL steps – 10/leg – 45/25# plate
15 Pull Ups
9 Burpees



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