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Welcome to the new gym!

When you get a chance, head over and take a look around at our new set up. We don’t quite have everything up and situated, but the foundation (and rig 2.0) is set in place. I know we’ve touched on this, but we will continue with our established schedule for the first two weeks or so before we move to the new one. Keep an eye out for it.




All Camargo participants are to bring $45 to the gym between now and the day of (would love to get it before). Again, we will be starting at 3:30 on the dot, so make sure you a lot time to get there early and warm up! It’s going to be killer…




EMOM 10 minutes
Perform 5 Thrusters (start around 75% and add weight as you feel comfy)
25 Unbroken Wall Balls
5 rounds
200m run
12 KBS
8 Pull Ups
25 unbroken wall balls

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