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We hope you all are enjoying the new digs! Our goal is to create a facility and environment where everyone  can become the best versions of themselves! And our aim is to provide you with the best experience possible day in and day out. We know it’s not all about the physical appearance or the “bells and whistles”….  What truly matters is that you’re surrounded by like minded people who enjoy what they’re doing, and keep the atmosphere positive. With that being said, we would still love to hear more of what you would like to see. Whether it’s a mobility class once a week, a social once a quarter, or just some beer in the fridge, please let us know. We can’t promise we’ll provide everything you ask for, but if you never ask the answer will always be no.



A1. 6 Alternating TGU (smooth and steady) rest 30sec
A2. 12 Banded good mornings: rest 30sec
A3. 6 Banded Lateral Walks each way; rest 60sec
x3 sets


2 cycles – For total repetitions:
60 sec AMRAP – Assault Bike calories @90%
Rest 60 seconds
60 sec AMRAP – Box Jump overs 24/20″
Rest 60 seconds
60 sec AMRAP – Push Ups
Rest 60 seconds
60 sec AMRAP – Row calories @90%
Rest 60 seconds

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