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The following article on double under improvement is brought to you by CrossFit Invoke in N.C.



Still don’t have your double unders? Well, there is no shame in that; however, if you are practicing singles in hopes that will get you closer to doubles you should abort that plan. In this post we will talk about the most beneficial exercises you can do to finally overcome the double under slump. If you have double unders but may not be consistent, this also applies to you.

So how do singles compare to doubles? There is only marginally less ground contact time during double unders; however, you jump twice as high. Because you jump twice as high during double unders using a jump very much like the one you use during singles means that the double under jumps engage the jumping muscles in fundamentally different ways.

This is called the stretch shortening cycle and it basically means that more force is produced when your muscle is stretched rapidly followed immediately by contraction. Plyometric training is a great example of how to train this phenomenon.

So how should you train differently to achieve better double unders?

– Ditch the singles and incorporate double under attempts (use half of Rx)  as your scale in a workout instead of double or triple the amount of singles.

– Incorporate ladder drills into your training at our fitness club in Raleigh. For example, single leg hops for speed, forward and backwards, side to side.

– Depth Jumps (3-5 sets of ~ 4 – 6 reps)

– SPRINTING! That is right.. you heard me. Run as fast as you can and that is one of the best ways to practice short ground contact time and max force production. (short distances such as 100m and below)

– Try adding doubles in every 3rd to 5th single. Not only that, get fancy with the rope and do some single leg jumping and moving around the gym in space while you jump rope. The more comfortable you become with the rope in your hands, the better.

– Practice relaxing your face  and grip on the rope handles while jumping.

– Lastly, open your ears and listen to the rope while jumping. You should hear a cadence or rhythm in your double unders that allows you to stay relaxed and rock through high rep workouts.



A. Snatch-grip deadlift – 3×8-10
For time complete;
50 Calorie Row
40 KBS Russian 53/35
30 Alternating KB Snatch 53/35 (15 each arm)
20 T2B
10 Burpees

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