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CrossFit Suncoast

CrossFit is for those looking for an extremely well rounded fitness program in an engaging, fun and motivating group setting. As a pre-requisite, you must complete a SYNERGY 101 course or have been private training with us before joining the group.

We believe in the CrossFit methodology but believe it needs to be programmed in a smart way to avoid injury and increase longevity.  Most group sessions will follow a similar format: warm-up, structural work/midline, mobility, base strength and then a conditioning (high-intensity) finisher and cool-down.

We offer two main programs for our CrossFit groups:

Fitness & Longevity:

For those looking for the ultimate experience in general fitness


For those athletes who are interested in competing in the sport of CrossFit. Entry requires several pre-requisites and time commitments.

CrossFit Success Stories

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