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Cullen Cameron

redSince joining Synergy I have added 10 pounds of muscle.  I have seen my body change and my core strength greatly improve.  Most importantly I feel healthy and strong and I have enjoyed the positive feedback from friends and family!”

“The classes are small enough that I receive a lot of individual coaching.  It is really like having a personal trainer but also having the benefit of a group motivating me to continue pushing myself.  I like the specific program because it is so well rounded and the coaching is at such a high standard.  Every coach is 100% into the class and are all very approachable!  Patience, professionalism and consistency are qualities in all of the coaches.  The program is also conducive to establishing friendships and camaraderie that help to maintain motivation and consistent participation which in turn creates better results!

If you want to be the best physical version of yourself, then I encourage you to invest in yourself and this program.  If you have the desire, then the rest is laid out for you. There is a solid, concise plan that is simple to follow.  There is no guess work, the classes are made up of all skill and fitness levels, you are never going it “alone”.  It isn’t easy, you will be tested, pushed and challenged at every turn but that is what makes this program special, and one day you look in the mirror…….and smile! “

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