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Do You Remember September?


Please take note of the following & plan accordingly.

Monday 8/15: NO 5:45PM CLASS
Thursday 8/18: 6am, 930am, 5:45pm
Friday 9:30am, 4:30pm 5:45pm

Synergy Fitness – CrossFit

Mental Toughness


Thoracic Foam Rolling

Spend 2:00 with your arms extended overhead foam rolling your thoracic region along with your lats. Search for “hot spots” and pause momentarily.

First Rib Mobilization

With an empty barbell, place and balance high on the right trap. Use your opposite hand to hold and balance in place. Conduct 5 slow reps of the following to mobilize for shoulder range of motion:

1) Arm circles to the front

2) Arm circles to the back

3) Straight arm raise overhead

4) Pressing motion (imagine doing a dumbbell press)


Banded Shoulder Distratction

1:00 on each arm.


Run 100m

10 Scap Retractions

10 PVC Pass Throughs

10 PVC Overhead Squats

Run 200m

5 Scap Retractions

5 PVC Pass Throughs

5 PVC Overhead Squats

Then right into…

Burgener Warm-up (No Measure)


1. Down and “Finish”

2. Elbows High and Outside

3. Muscle Snatch

4. Snatch Lands at 2″, 4″, 6″

5. Snatch Drops


1. Snatch Push Press

2. Overhead Squat

3. Heaving Snatch Balance

4. Snatch Balance without a dip

5. Snatch Balance with a dip


Spend 10 min working up to a challenging pause snatch (pause 2-3 seconds at or below the knee) or snatch off of blocks (bar at knee height).


Metcon (Time)

“Do You Remember September?

Performance*/Athletic: 5 rounds, Health: 4 rounds

7 hang power snatch (Performance: 95lb / Athletic: 65lb* / Health: 35lb)

10 pull-ups

12 Stationary Lunges (6R/6L)

6 High Box Jumps (Performance: 30″ / Athletic: 24″* / Health: 16″)

200m run

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide:

15 – 21 min, about 3-4 min per round.

Scale Up:

135/85lb snatches

chest to bar pull ups

Front Rack lunge (same weight as snatch)
Coaching Tips:

For higher rep sets of hang snatches, a slightly closer grip snatch may save the hands and help keep them fresh for the pull ups. Avoid the possibility of tearing hands by keeping the sets of pull-ups reasonable and taking care of any callouses before doing the workout (shave them at home). For the lunges, keep the chest up so your torso stays vertical and don’t let the knee drift in when you get fatigued. Push the run pace especially on the last round!

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