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Geniene Manheimer

GenieneMy entire life I have struggled with getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle.  I’ve tried many work out and weight loss programs, too many to count, throughout my journey and nothing really stuck.…


In May 2014 I started attending Synergy’s boot camp classes and then transitioned into their CrossFit classes a few months later. Since I’ve joined Synergy Fitness I’ve lost 44 pounds, more than 35 inches, and dropped four dress sizes. Additionally I’ve gained confidence weight lifting, in which I had no experience in before I started. And I now understand clearly what is required to achieved the goals I have set out for myself, from a performance and nutrition standpoint.


The programming is phenomenal because it constantly changes and challenges you in different ways every class, not only physically but mentally as well.  The coaches at Synergy are more than just people who run a class. They are people who genuinely care about you and helping you reach your goals. Each of the coaches have personally helped me with either perfecting a weight lifting movement, a meal plan, or being my biggest fan when I needed it most. They are positive, supportive, and will help you become the best version of yourself.


Synergy is a welcoming place, all the workouts are scaled at all different levels for everyone’s fitness level. This place can truly change your life, just like it has done for me, and so many of the members here if you allow it to.

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