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Janette Perry

JanetteI have belonged to gyms in the past but never achieved the results I have at Synergy because I would never push myself as hard as these coaches push me. I love the other members as well and everyone is truly motivating to the point where I want to come every day!


I have lost about 40-45 pounds and I am much healthier not only in my physical appearance, but they have helped me with my nutrition as well. I love AdvoCare products and have been making healthier food choices since I have been a member.


The most difficult part is the initial commitment and sometimes the financial obligation, but when you think about it, your health and happiness is priceless and you can quickly add up things that negatively impact your health and need to substitute that with what will improve your health. Once you do this, everything will fall into place. Get your priorities straight and you will have a healthy and happy life! My mind is now becoming in sync with my body with all of these awesome accomplishments that wouldn’t have happened without everyone I have met at this   gym. Coaches, members and myself! I love it!!

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