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Jennifer Diaz

JenniferI needed to do something to get back in shape after my second baby. Gained a lot of weight and was looking for something different. The opportunity to do the 24DayChallenge along with a Boot Camp was just the very beginning of my journey.

Let’s just say that I am not the same girl that walked in on an evening of November 2013 to a Boot Camp class. So much has changed, so much has been left behind, and so much more has been gained since I started training at Crossfit Suncoast, now Synergy Fitness. When I first started, I couldn’t complete all workouts as prescribed; I had to scale them. Things had to be modified in order for me to be able to attempt them at all. I started putting all of me into my workouts, because I saw them as more than just workouts. I was doing things that I never knew I could, and my confidence in my ability to do things (in and out of the gym) started increasing. Soon I started getting stronger (AdvoCare has been significant in my journey too) and was able to do workouts as prescribed but they will take me longer to complete (I didn’t care… well I kind of did, but still did them). Pushing myself past my limits (the ones we create for ourselves) has resulted in the continuous progress of a better me.  So… what results have I achieved? Being a STRONGER and more CONFIDENT woman.

I have never been part of such an amazing group of people/coaches that support you and truly care about your personal progress and wellbeing in your health and fitness journey. They truly care!!! They will take the time to be there for you!!! And if you finish last during a workout, don’t ever worry, everyone will clap and cheer for you louder than anybody else; while receiving lots of sweaty high fives!

The magic happens when you step out of your comfort zone. Just know that being part of this amazing community will impact more areas in your life than you think. You will find out that you truly are stronger than you give yourself credit for and that your decision to always better yourself will allow you to inspire many and impact their lives with yours.

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