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Pick Up The Pace & Make Running Fun



When most people think of running they think long, slow & BORING! We’re here to help you squash that way of thinking. The tips and workouts below are designed to improve speed, rev your metabolism and build muscle. By varying your pace and adding drills, you’ll banish boredom and increase strength and calorie burn.

First thing first…  GET OFF THE TREADMILL

When you get outdoors you’ll get fresh air, greenery and water, all which are known improve your mood and even elevate self-esteem.

Get Faster With Straightaways & Curves

Sprinting trains your legs to turn over (a running term for move) faster, which improves overall speed and efficiency on longer runs. Plus, working those fast-twitch fibers gives your legs better overall definition.

Get out on a local track, and after a good warm up run six laps at varying pace: Sprint the straightaways at an intensity level of 9 out of 10, and jog or walk the curves at level 3 or lower. Add this drill to your routine twice a week to get speedier and boost metabolism for hours.

Vary Your Speed To Torch Calories

When you just want to lace ’em up and go, try changing your pace. This workout, ­also known as a fartlek, can help you run farther than you thought you could by distracting you with constantly changing speeds.

Pick an arbitrary benchmark — every other tree, every light-post or every jogger you pass, for instance—as a signal to speed up or slow down, experimenting with different paces. Switching it up each time you hit your mark will increase the overall calorie burn of your workout. Aim for 20 minutes!

Tone All Over With This Running Mash-up

If your looking to build strength as well as endurance, try this dynamic workout that combines running, plyometrics and resistance training:

For 6 mins:

On the odd mins: Run 60secs at 80-85% effort

On even mins: Do 60 secs of walking lunges, butt kicks, squat jumps or side shuffles for 60sec. changing the movement each round

Then for 4 mins jog at a 70-75% effort & do 5 burpees every 60 sec.

Then for 2 mins run at a comfortably difficult pace. Aim for an intensity level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

After that find a bench or small wall  do 3 sets of 10 elevated push-ups­—hands on the bench/wall, feet on the ground & 3 sets of 10 step ups (5 each leg) For an extra challenge try “bench/wall jumps” instead of step ups.

Finish with 2 mins at a comfortably difficult pace. (8 on a scale of 1 to 10).

These are just a few ways to maximize your time, effort and make running more enjoyable. As with all things health & fitness related, consistency is the key.

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