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Rob & Parrish Daugherty


This amazing couple are on a life changing journey together and we couldn’t be happier for each of them!

Parrish has been training with us at Synergy Fitness since September 2014 and Rob has been with us since March of this year (2015). We’ve combined private training, nutrition education, meal planning and smart supplementation using AdvoCare nutritional tools and solutions to help them develop a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Both have been EXTREMELY consistent in their efforts which has lead to great results as well as feeling & performing better every day.



Parrish is down 50 pounds & went from a size 20 to 12

Rob is down 32 pounds & went from a 44” waist to a 40” waist.


From Parrish:

I decided it was time to make changes in many areas of my life. I was running on Starbucks, Chick-fil-A and curb-side take out, and I hadn’t exercised in, hate to say, over five years (ok, maybe more like seven)…. I needed to go to a place where I could get support, because making a workout a priority isn’t easy for me. I called several places and would get a message back saying to come by and try a class. This was discouraging. It didn’t seem like anyone understood that it’s not that simple when you’ve been out for so long. When I spoke with Stacy and Justin at Synergy, it was different. They asked me to come in and talk about what I needed and wanted, and we discussed in depth about what worked in the past and what I needed to keep me successful. My biggest priority was that I needed to be challenged but not discouraged.

Justin creates every workout to cater to my specific needs…  I always feel successful when I leave my workout, accomplished and never defeated. Also, Justin addressed the changes that needed to be made in my diet for me to lose the weight I wanted, and I was able to start with small changes and gradually make greater ones. The individual sessions are amazing, as well as the people. I’m always greeted by members who are so supportive, and I feel like I have that support group, even though I’m doing personal training.

I’m down 50 pounds, from a size 18+ (probably more like a 20) to a 12. I know it’s cliché, but I truly feel so much better. Before, I felt I could get by okay, until stressors were added to my life. That’s when I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. Now, I have the energy to focus on health and family. I’m cooking so much better for my family and feel like I’m a living example for my kids. I have energy and patience for my kids in the evening, and I’m not falling in bed exhausted at 9pm.

It’s the experience and expertise that I signed up for at Synergy. The results are so exciting, not only physically but in every area of my life. The support I’ve received has been priceless.

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