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Shout out to our Spartans



Thanks for the amazing weekend everyone, and for everyone that faced up their fears and obstacles, we tip our hat to your hard work and dedication. Some of you placed the Spartan as your training objective a good while, and I want to encourage you to take a minute or two, look at the pictures of you from several months back, look at pictures of you from the race and today. You had an adventure, accomplished something challenging and worked to be able to do it. Bask in that and make sure to give yourself some kudos. We work out and push to give ourselves a better quality life, and that picture above is the embodiment of your pursuit. Congratulations!


Watch the State of the Synergy address on the In-house competition here.


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A. Paused front squat – 5, 3, 2 – all sets TOUGH
B. Strict Press – 10, 10, 10RM
For time total repetitions – on a running clock
3 min AMRAP – Box jumps, step down – 24/20″
2 min AMRAP – Burpees
1 min AMRAP – DB thrusters – 35/20#


EMOM 10mins
odd: 6 Burpees
even; 20 sec Hollow hold

5 rounds for time:
10 Box Jump
15 American KB swings
10 Goblet squats
15 Russian KB swings

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