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Spartan Weekend!


It’s Spartan weekend, and we’re pumped about the big crew we are hauling up there! We know some of you are nervous, and we want to encourage you to take a deep breathe and just enjoy the day. You’re going to have your fitness community around you having fun, and with a few exceptions (looking at you #Flash (Nino) and #SuperMatt), most of us will be cruising along. I know some of you were even motivated to begin CF/Bootcamp through the obstacle races. This is what you’ve sweat for, so give yourself the kudos you deserve. As a reminder we will have the 8:30 class Saturday morning, and after, many people are meeting at 10am at Sam’s Club on Fruitville to caravan up to Raymond James.


Also, we will be adding an 8:30am Sunday class in the future, but this week (2/15), we will solely have the 10am.


Be thinking about the CF Open and our in-house comp. We would love for everyone to be involved, and yes, you do have to register for the Open to participate. It will be fun!


“We turned fitness into an engineering problem that’s a successful enterprise designed to make people better and it’s highly quantifiable and out of that will very, very naturally come a competition.”

—Greg Glassman, CrossFit Inc. Founder and CEO


The above video succinctly states something I feel is very important about CrossFit and validates the efforts our community (you) pours into it. I was talking to a member (that person knows who they are) a couple days ago, and they were expressing to me that some of this person’s friends felt this person wasn’t maximizing their fitness by spending their time and energy on CrossFit. Naturally, this person’s friends followed this up with suggestions on how they should spend their time. I want to make clear upfront that I’m no “CrossFit Cult” elitist. I love hearing that people love their fitness, and I support any regimen that helps that person get healthy, fit and happy. But I will stand toe-to-toe with anyone on the argument that CrossFitters, as a community, are the most well-rounded, fit and tirelessly persevering clients and athletes, from the same entry-level clients to experts across the board. At the highest levels, CrossFit athletes are now world-class competitors in endurance sports, weightlifting (USA Weightlifting had to change their qualification process because of the flood of quality athletes), rowing (Khalipa’s 20,000m row time put him top 10 in the world for in-door rowing, that includes Olympic rowers), physiques (check these out or these) and improving gymnastics. I encourage everyone to support their friends in what makes them happy, keeps them healthy and gets results, but if anyone wants to split hairs on the effectiveness of CF, you have plenty of quantifiable data and informal input to back up results.



A. RDL – slow tempo – 4×8-12 – rest 2-3 minutes
B1. Sorenson hold – 3x accumulate 60 sec – tough
B2. 1 arm waiters walk – 3x50ft each arm (Heavy KB) – rest 2 minutes
2x AMRAP 5 minutes

3 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
3 Burpees
6 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
6 Burpees
9 Clean and jerk (135/95 lbs)
9 Burpees….

Rest 2:00

-If you have a 2-min bodyweight Sorenson begin holding a plate tight against your chest

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