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Skill Warm Up

3 rounds not for time:

10 Banded Good Mornings

10-12 DB Bent Over Row

25-45sec side plank (each side)

*Banded GM Demo:


Metcon (Time)


For time:

Run (Performanc/Athletic: 800m* / Health 600m)

15 front squats (Performance: 135lb / Athletic: 85lb* / Health: 55lb)

30 abmat sit-ups

30 wall ball (Performance: 20lb/10”, Athletic*: 14lb/9”, Health:10lb / 8”)

30 abmat sit-ups

15 front squats (Performance: 135 / Athletic: 85lb* / Health: 55lb)

Run (Performanc/Athletic: 800m* / Health 600m)

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 12 – 20 minutes.

Scale up:

Overhead squats instead of front squats.

GHD sit-ups instead of abmat sit-ups.
Coaching Tips:

Pace the first run so that you can go right into the first set of front squats (if paced correctly, these should be unbroken).

A squat clean on the first rep will count as a front squat rep.

Break up the wall balls if you know the next set of squats is going to be challenging.

Be sure to use a good amount of wrist to ‘flick’ the ball up, and hold the ball on the bottom (not the sides).

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